[Covid-19] Thoughts on News About Flights From Europe

“As long as passengers come to us, we’ll fly. As long as Vietnamese people wish to return, we’ll welcome them...” said Chief Purser Vu Thi Kim Cuc upon hearing that VNA would transport passengers who meet the entry and exit conditions, and health requirements from London (the UK), Paris (France), and Frankfurt (Germany) to Vietnam.

What I typically do first on a Sunday morning is reach for my phone to check the news on Covid-19.

Since the outbreak, I have no longer slept in at the weekend. Perhaps the concern for my colleagues who served on recent flights from Europe has altered my daily routine. 

This morning was no exception. After reading the news, I found out that from the 15th of March, VNA would continue to transport passengers from Europe. Different thoughts crowded into my mind.

Operating flights to bring Vietnamese nationals back home is a noble cause. We should not let the complicated developments of the pandemic hinder millions of our people and passengers from returning to their Motherland.

On the other hand, my mind was filled with thoughts on how to ensure the absolute safety of flight crew members and passengers.

The first things I did were to reassure my colleagues and share information -- especially to the cabin crew and chief purser about to serve on the flight to France on the 17th of March -- so that they would be well-informed. The passengers must have their health checked before the flight, be equipped with face masks and gloves, while the flight attendants will wear personal medical protective clothing. So, my dear “Lotusmiles warriors,” keep calm and perform your duties! We will always be by your side. Together we will make it.

Millions of passengers in Europe, the new epicenter of the world, are longing for their Motherland. Many parents, who can’t put their minds at rest when their children are still at the (new) heart of the outbreak, are yearning to see the faces of their offspring. A lot of families are eagerly awaiting reunion. And so many more are expecting to see each other from halfway around the world.

We, the “Lotusmiles warriors,” are ready to carry out our mission. VNA always has a sense of responsibility towards the community and accompanies Vietnamese people on their journey.

Worries are inevitable. Many hypotheses and questions of “what if?” are put forward. However,

“As long as passengers come to us, we’ll fly.

As long as Vietnamese people wish to return, we’ll welcome them.

As long as aircraft bearing the symbol of the golden lotus fly in the sky, we’ll still fulfill our duties.

Because we are the flight attendants of the flag carrier of Vietnam, we are the courageous ‘Lotusmiles warriors.’”

The courageous “Lotusmiles warriors.” (Cre: Vu Thi Kim Cuc).

The poem “Exquisite Colors and Fragrance” for my colleagues

Fly to the epicenter with steady nerves

Bring reunion to passengers

We return safe and sound

Carrying people to their Motherland

We love our quaint country

Yet strong, united, and optimistic.

We believe we will win.

This difficult, bruising, challenging battle

We, the Lotusmiles Warriors

Stand ready on both the ground and the air

Let’s join hands, be brave and be united

To protect the exquisite colors and fragrance of the golden lotus