Sharing is Caring & It Takes Both Sides to Build a Bridge

During these unprecedented times, we know it can be very challenging for many people to stay positive and some may even feel neglected, especially those who are working or studying abroad far from the comforts of their home and the embrace of their loved ones.

That is why we at Vietnam Airlines Singapore shipped in 20,000 reusable face masks from Vietnam, in which we distributed and shared with everyone ranging from our business partners, colleagues and family members, to the others such as the Vietnamese workers who are still stranded in Singapore, international students that are yet to finish their studies and the many different communities here.

Through our gesture of contributing these face masks to them, we hope to enlighten their spirits and reassure them that they are never alone nor forgotten.

Regardless of race, language or religion, we will continue to dedicate and devote our efforts to help out in every way that we can as we strongly believe in the importance of giving back to the society.

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VNSG staff distributing face masks. (Photo: VNSG)